Polymer Processing Academy (PPA)


This is a classical abstraction of shear flow occurring in a typical polymer compounding process. It has subtle ‘P’ and ‘A’ in its form. The two mirror images encircling each other denote the dynamic quality of polymer processing. Encircling it is the oval representing the future vision of the society as an entity. PPA stands for “Polymer Processing Academy”.

The Polymer Processing Academy (PPA) is created as an international body dedicated to the activities related to innovative scientific development and ideas in the areas of polymer processing to focus on finding a solution to the world issues, by utilizing the best and brightest minds from academia, research organizations, and industry.

The academy has the following missions:
• Incubate & nurture innovative ideas and provide solutions to challenges on polymer processing through knowledge and bringing together academicians, scientists, engineers and industrialists on a common platform.
• Provide a technology edge in the field of polymer processing through scientific & technology innovation, creative design concepts, training and techno-managerial practices in creating the knowledge-based workforce in our country.

Message from President, PPA

The Polymer Processing Academy (PPA) has completed six years and during this period it has made a difference by organizing a number of exciting events. It has gained international recognition and now is an integral part of the “Asian Workshop in Polymer Processing” formed by the Polymer Processing Societies in Asian countries with membership consisting of academics and the industrial fraternity. Within India, it has become a vibrant society with a very strong relationship between industry and academia thus adding a new dimension to the national Polymer related activities. The seed for the formation of PPA was sown during the 25th Annual meeting of the Polymer Processing Society (PPS) hosted by India at Goa in March 2009. PPA was then launched at an excellent function at Mumbai in March 2011. Today PPA has active participation from its members representing academia, industry and research institutions in all its activates. Further, we are proud to have several distinguished researchers in the area of polymers from abroad as Honorary PPA Fellows. Our members take an active part in the meetings of PPS and AWPP. PPA has organized the AWPP annual meeting and the PPS Regional meeting in 2013. PPA has emerged as an international body dedicated to the activities related to innovative scientific development and ideas that will enhance India’s role in finding a solution for global issues, by utilizing the best and bright minds. PPA continues to develop a synergistic association with the rest of the scientific world by bringing together science and technology to the forefront in the global arena.

PPA has kept the tradition of organizing a Foundation lecture every year. The first PPA Foundation lecture was held along with its 2011 launch in Mumbai. The subsequent lectures were held in Pune – 2012, in Goa – 2013, in New Delhi – 2015 and in Bangalore – 2016. We are grateful to Sh. Hital Meswani, Executive Director, Reliance Industries Ltd., for being the Chief Guest and to Prof. Vijayalakshmi Ravindranath, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, for agreeing to deliver the sixth Foundation Day lecture.

The sixth Foundation Day event on March 1, 2017 is jointly organized with the Reliance Industries Limited, again showing the strong academic and industry partnership in PPA.

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